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Grant Us Peace


Harpur wrote a poem on peace for a school project and was chosen along with 9 of her classmates to perform her Peace poem in a concert called “Grant Us Peace” at the Yale Woolsey Hall, New Haven, CT on Saturday night, May 2, 2009. Performing was the New Haven Chorale, Hartt School of Music Choruses, and the Hartt Symphony Orchestra. As you can see from the photo above it was a packed house and the Chorus was huge.  Below is the video of Harpur’s recital of her poem.

090502 Grant Us Peace – Harpur Schwartz from SRO Stables on Vimeo.

Grant Us Peace
May 2, 2009 – Woolsey Hall, New Haven
Harpur Schwartz reads her Peace Poem
The New Haven Chorale, The Hartt School Choruses and the Hartt Symphony Orchestra perform.

by Harpur Schwartz

What is peace?
Is it
The border between
Good and evil?

The world keeps spinning
Bur are we really winning?
We are not supernatual
That is factual

Another visit
From door to door
The carcass filled bags
Should be no more

Welcome 2010
Hopefully when
Our world changes
And we achieve peace

We won’t give in
Don’t flee
Show your

With our noble heads
Fighting must be put to rest
Soldiers should sleep in their own beds
America could be at its best

Peace is in our prayers
It’s in our dreams
Just don’t let it slip
Thorugh our nation’s fingertips

copyright 2009 Harpur Schwartz, All Rights Reserved.

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