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2008 HITS Ocala – Day 12 – Going Home!

Today was a sad day as we had to leave the warmth of HITS for the cold of Connecticut and of course the kids had to return to school.


Becca rode in the morning in the Medium Green Pony Hunter Class and Audrey rode in the Grand Prix ring again in Lead Line. I don’t have any results as HITS has not updated the website as of this morning. Becca pinned 6th and 8th over fences and Audrey added another blue ribbon to her collection.

Everyone left by noon to fly North except Robin and the Mazzaferro family who stayed until Monday. Harpur and I had a typical flight home on Southwest. Boarded for our non-stop flight to Hartford, which they announced would now land in Baltimore (but only for a few minutes). We land in Baltimore and were told to change planes – but since Southwest has no boarding passes, they have to check everyone’s photo id before boarding (77 passengers!). Next we are told are departure is delayed by 45 mintues waiting for connecting passengers as this is the last flight to Hartford. An hour later 2 (count them 2) people arrive and we are now ready to leave. The best part is we land in Hartford and head to baggage claim to claim our 1 bag. We wait and wait – no bag. I head over to the Southwest baggage service office to make a lost bag claim -and there is my bag. It came in on an earlier flight says the service manager. Huh? How come the people couldn’t come in on an earlier flight? No answer….we finally arrive home around midnight – lots of snow and ice…wish we were still at HITS!


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